Nursery Decoration

We decided to go pretty simple in our nursery decoration.  Firstly, because we didn’t want it to be too “baby” and have to redecorate the room in 2 years.  Second, because we’re on a budget, so we picked the stuff that would give us the biggest bang for our buck.

I chose a tree wall decal from KinkyWall on Etsy.  They were great to work with, and the decal shipped really quickly!

I started by cutting out all the separate pieces of the vinyl, and then Adam and I taped everything up to see how it would look. 


Once we figured out how high to place the sticker, it was all a matter of peeling, sticking, rubbing, and peeling again.  A tedious process for sure, but well worth it!


We had to match the branches to the trunk, and then hang the picture line across the crib.  Here’s the finished project:


See all those leaves? We had to stick each and every one on individually.  So it’s a little more sparse than the image on etsy, because I was just too tired to keep sticking leaves!

I have to find some pictures to put in those ‘frames’ – I think it will be great for baby to see the faces of her loved ones every day, even it they’re not around!

Birthday, Basketball, and a Big Tree, oh my!

We had a great weekend full of friends and fun!

It started off on Friday evening, when we gathered at my sister-in-laws house for a fondue party.  (No pictures though, we were having too much fun-due!)

On Saturday night we got together again at The Waterfront restaurant to celebrate our friend Lori’s birthday. We don’t get to see each other very often because of conflicting work/school schedules, so when we do come together, we like to make it a great time!



IMG_5476 IMG_5479

The story behind the cake is this: Lori is a student that relies on our local transit system to get her to school.  More often than not the bus is either very late, or doesn’t come at all.  Lori’s hate for the DRTS is well known, and thus the cake shaped like a bus with a knife through it.  The cake was made by Natalie at Ache for Cake and it was a delicious mocha flavour that tastes like a Coffee Crisp bar.  Her fondant is hand-made and delicious too! All-in-all it was a nice meal, but Adam and I both agreed that the restaurant was a little overpriced, and the service was lacking.  (P.S. All of my pictures of the birthday girl came out blurry, sorry Lori!)

This afternoon Adam and I headed downtown to see our first Toronto Raptors game of the season.  We love going to sporting events together!



we also had some adventures in self-portrait taking:


This is what happens when you forget to zoom-out your camera IMG_5524

Much better!

After the game was over (the Raptors lost, boo!) we walked up to the Eaton Centre to do a bit of shopping and to see the tree. 

Every year Swarovski and the Children’s Wish Foundation put up the Wish tree in the centre of the mall.  It’s at least 2 stories tall, and is covered is sparkling Swarovski ornaments.  I love to go and see it every year. 



My camera couldn’t capture the sparkle of this tree, trust me when I say it sparkles!!

Now, we’re putting up our tree and watching Love Actually.

What are your holiday traditions? I’d love to hear about your decorating, shopping, family, or workplace traditions!!

P.S. I’m participating in Heather’s Handmade Ornament Swap.  If you’re interested in joining, contact her and let her know!

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