Run Ajax 5k

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On Sunday I participated in the first-ever Run Ajax 5k.  I picked this race because:

  1. the starting line is a 10 minute walk from my house
  2. I know the course very well, I run it all the time

I paid $40 entry fee a few weeks ago, which I thought was a little steep, but it was last-minute and I was hoping for a good swag bag. 

Sunday morning rolled around, and I woke up to pouring rain.  I got up, had some oatmeal, puttered around the house for a bit, and then woke up Adam to ask him what I should do.  I was really worried about falling and hurting myself, but Adam hopped out of bed, and hustled me out the door. 

As we were walking to the lake the rain thankfully stopped.  I ducked inside the race tent to get my timing chip, and on my way out I ran into an old friend!


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I have known Jessica since elementary school, but haven’t seen her since high school.  I was happy to see her again, and we chatted as we warmed up for the race. 

We took off at 9:30 am, the rain had stopped and it wasn’t too cold.  I pushed myself to keep up with Jessica as long as I could, because she told me that she wasn’t going to be stopping for walking breaks.  I stuck with her for about 5 minutes, and I dropped back to take my first walking break of approximately 1 minute.  From there on I did a 2-3 minute run, with a 30-60 second break in between.  I was really hoping to beat my previous time of 45 minutes, and when I turned the corner to head into the final stretch, I could see the clock.  I sprinted to the finish, and made it in 42:19!!!

I’m so happy to see that improvement, and as soon as I crossed the finish line, I told Adam that I wanted to sign up for another race right away.  I now have actual proof that my endurance and speed have improved, and that makes me want to go go go even more!!

As far as the race organization was concerned, I was pretty disappointed.  There wasn’t any water at the finish line!! They seemed pretty well stocked at the water stations, but when I got to the finish line there was fruit and bagels, but no water!?! For the high entrance fee, I certainly expected to get a cup of water at the finish line. 

All in all I had a great time, and I was flying high all day knowing that I had a new PR.  Right now I’m looking at doing the Resolution Run on January 1, or the Poker Run on Jan 29th. 

Has anyone run a winter race? Did you do any special training, or use any special equipment?? Inquiring minds want to know!!

Weekend Update

I (and hubby) accomplished a lot this weekend!

This gross squeaky tap:


Turned into this shining beauty:


This giant can of chickpeas turned into an oven full of Salt and Vinegar Chickpeas


This wonderful bounty of local organic freshness:


Turned into 6 Litres of delicious homemade soup for us to enjoy over the winter:


And this smiling face: (and my friend Jessica!)

photo (1)

Turned into this soggy but smiling girl who beat her old PR by 3 minutes!!

photo (4)

Race recap and recipes coming up!!

What was the best part of your weekend? Please share!!