Audrey’s birth story part 3

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Wet. Everywhere.  I batted Adam awake and told him to grab some towels.  I ran to the bathroom while he changed the sheets.  I changed my pyjamas, and called Claudette.  She said that she would come over and check me.  Adam got dressed and got our stuff ready to go to the hospital.  The contractions started getting stronger and stronger, and at this point, laying on the bed burying my face in Adam’s neck was the most helpful thing.  I threw up a few times, but luckily my uber-prepared self had bought some Gatorade, so I was sipping on that. 

Claudette arrived around 1:30, and checked me.  I was 90% effaced, and at 5cm dilated.  The bag of waters had broken way up high (I’m assuming where Audrey was kicking me – in the ribs) so she could feel the membranes still covering her head.  I wasn’t really aware of the time passing, and I spent most of this time either sitting on the toilet (It was the most comfortable place!) or leaning over the bed. 

Adam tells me I was making a lot of noise.  I don’t really remember, but I do remember Claudette telling me to use low tones, so I wouldn’t kill my voice.  Around 2:45, Claudette checked me again, and I was fully dialated, with just the anterior lip remaining.  She told me that if we were still going to the hospital to deliver, now was the time.  She said “If you feel like pushing in the car, just pull over and stop, I’ll be right behind you.”  I think I laughed at that point and said “Um. No.  I feel like pushing NOW. I’m not getting in the car.  Can we do it here?”  So Claudette called the hospital to tell them we weren’t coming, called the backup (Karline was off call that night, so my backup was a lovely lady named Carolynn, and her student Natasha), and went to her car to get the supplies.  The reason there are 2 midwives is for extra help during transition and delivery, and so that one can take care of the mom, and one can take care of the baby.

Like I said, I was in the bathroom for most of this, but I remember a flurry of activity happening in the bedroom.  Because I hadn’t planned on staying home, I didn’t have a home kit.  Luckily Claudette had most everything in her car, but Adam had to use garbage bags on the bed, covered by old bedsheets.  He had to clear a space for her equipment, and a table in the bedroom to lay the baby on if they needed to attend to her in any way. 

At 3:15, Carolynn arrived, and I started pushing.  I tried various positions, but the ‘traditional’ position (on back, legs up) turned out to be the best.  All throughout this, Claudette and Carolynn were taking my (and Audrey’s) heart rate, to ensure that we were both doing ok.  I guess 3:15 is when I entered “transition”? I don’t know, all I knew was that I could feel that it was time, and my body seemed to know what to do. 

Claudette told Adam that he could catch the baby if he wanted, and he wasn’t sure for most of the night, but he finally decided that yes, he wanted to.  At 3:45am her head was visible when I was pushing, so Adam and Claudette got into catching position.

Audrey’s birth story part 2

Part 1

My due date was Saturday April 21st.  However, based on my cycles, my midwives told me that it was more likely that I would deliver closer to the 25th or 26th.  Since the weather was so nice, Adam and I had been going on daily walks so I could get some fresh air and loosen up.

Wednesday April 18th, we went for a walk after dinner as usual.  When we got home we were watching a movie (Mission Impossible 4 – how do I remember that?) and my stomach was upset.  I figured it was heartburn, and we went to bed.  Thursday the 19th Adam got up and went to work, and I stayed in bed, trying to get comfortable.

I bounced around on my yoga ball, ate a bit, and took a nap.  After I woke up, I noticed that the crampy pain was starting to have definite start and stop points, so I started timing them with my phone.  In the afternoon, the contractions were about 45 seconds long, coming every 7-10 minutes.  Adam came home from work to be with me around this time.

We ate dinner, and I called Claudette to tell her that the contractions were getting longer but not any closer together.  She suggested that we try to get some sleep, because things would probably start happening over night or in the early morning.  At about 9:30 we got in bed, and started to fall asleep around 10:30.  At 11, I was woken up by the baby kicking me harder than she ever had before.  BLAM BLAM BLAM!! then…